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The Cleanest & Easiest
Way To Dispose Of Daily
Dog Walk Bags.

With a leash in one hand & a bag of waste in the other, how will you lift your trash lid to toss the bag? Lid-L-Buddy allows you to dispose of waste without dropping the leash!

Only $12.99

Do You Know How Dirty Your Trash Tote Can Be?

When the garbage truck tips your trash can over on collection day, the lid hangs down into a collecting area called the hopper and the lid can get contaminated with the trash from previous houses or from inside your own trash can. Some scientific studies are also showing that residential garbage cans may contain respiratory hazards like mold spores & endotoxin, possibly exposing you & your loved ones to these bioaerosols.

Lid-L-Buddy provides you with a barrier between you & your trash can, and gives you the option to air out your stinky garbage.

Other Popular Uses For The Lid-L-Buddy


Just wheel your green waste tote close to where you're gardening or raking. With Lid-L-Buddy your tote becomes a convenient, hands-free receptacle for weeds, trimmings, and leaves.                  


No one wants to risk contamination by touching a trash can while cooking food. With a Lid L Buddy, grilling enthusiasts can easily dispose of meat packaging, marinade bags, drippings, etc...            

Rehabilitation & Injury

Lifting the garbage can lid can be a struggle for people recovering from strokes and injuries like broken arms & dislocated shoulders. With the use of a Lid-L-Buddy, taking out small trash & recyclables becomes an easy one-handed task.

Overall Cleanliness

Most people would agree: The less you have to touch your dirty trash can, the better. While Lid-L-Buddy keeps your hands clean, it also allows your trash to "air out" and eliminates the waft of funky odor associated with most trash.

How To Use The Lid L Buddy

Insert the tip of the Lid-L-Buddy underneath the lid of your trash can, dumpster, recycle bin, or green waste can.

Rest the bottom of your Lid-L-Buddy on the lip of the can. Your Lid-L-Buddy should fit perfectly.

When you're ready to thrown something away, simply drop it into the gap or use Lid-L-Buddy to lift the lid for trash bags and larger items.

Want to close your lid between uses? If so, go for it! Lid-L-Buddy comes with a stainless steel S-hook for hanging on your trash can or somewhere else convenient.

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